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I upgraded to .206 and know of at least one other and we still do not get
the Connect-Info from our USR's. Is there actually someone that is?

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Josh Hillman wrote:
> What changed between RadiusNT 2.5.205 and .206?
> I don't even know what changed between .175 and .205, but I'm just happy
> SNMP concurrency checking is working correctly now (I think) in .205.

It fixed the rv ODBC error.

Differences between 175 and 206 include:

* Fixes to several SNMP pieces

* USR Connect-Speed attribute mapping to Connect-Info

* Domain Trim name feature (trimnames=2 or 3)

* Massive Output cleanup (try -x18 for a clean log view)

* Lots of small bug fixes. :)


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