Re: [RadiusNT] SNMP concurrency checking ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Nov 1999 14:18:59 -0600

OK, I give up;
The directories are fine, Radius can load the users file when I turn text
mode on, the log shows Radius using the correct directory (do you need the
ending slash by the way? It doesn't appear so). We are still seeing 'Mib
Not Initialized'. I reinstalled Radius to see if there was some file
missing, but no luck. Every copy of mib.txt I see are identical, so it
shouldn't matter which one I use ( I've tried several). The snmpwalk works
with both our PM3's and our USR's but something isn't quite right. Any more

By the way, the Radius FAQ for SNMP says the USR starts at 1513 not 1256
as you stated in this list. The snmpwalk program confirmed that 1256 is
correct, but you may want to update your FAQ. You are right on the money
when you say the USR is FUBAR (at least from a PM3 users point of view).

Thanks :)

>"" wrote:
>> Hi;
>> We are in the process of setting up our new RadiusNT Ent. with SNMP
>> concurrency checking. We have added the OIDs in the ServerPorts, set up the
>> communities, and everything else the docs say you need for concurrency.
>> However, it is still not working. We do get a message 'Mib Not Initialized'
>> when we try a multiple login and Radius is run from the command line.
>> The docs say you don't need SNMP installed for concurrency
checking, but
>> could their be something else missing? If anyone else has seen this error
>> before I would greatly appreciate your solution.
>You sure you have your data directory defined in the RadiusNT admin. You
>must also have a mib.txt file in that directory. The mib not
>means it couldn't find the mib.txt file.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. Emerald and RadiusNT

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