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Duane Schaub wrote:

> That's strange, I have the opposite problem - I can get all of my units
> except Ascend 4048 and Cisco 5300's to show up.
> Duane.
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> We just built a new sql/radius box for emerald and radius nt 2.5, We made a
> backup of the database and restored it to the new server. cand then changed
> the ip address for accounting and authentication on each of the modem units.
> (ascend 4048, pm3, and Bay 5399) now the users can log on using the new
> server but they dont show as online except on the ascend 4048's. I have
> checked the secret and still nothing.
> Please help.
> Ken
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Think I found an answer possibly.
I had to do some work on my 3com TC Hub and when it was brought back up and
after re-porting (not reporting) it, it was no longer accepting most of the
accounting packets. Users were not showing up in On-line or in the Calls for
Time Online. This is obviously critical for time billing so I dug a little

Running RadiusNT in debug mode showed me that I was getting a great number of
refusal for duplicate packets in "pk_calls". Looking at the calls Table revealed
that it was indeed trhowing a great number of Account Session IDs into it.

I then learned how to use the Trim Feature in the Database Maintenance section
of Admin.
I trimmed at 1 month and poof, everyone is back.

Could we get a description of what causes this so I can avoid it in the future?
Is it the re-porting or what?


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