Scottie Arnett ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 May 2000 11:58:47 -0500

Yes, it does....chk

Ever Since I installed Emerald and Emerald Auth, I get errors that have to
do with whatever....msdtcprx.dll. I am running Radius NT, Serv-u, Emrald
Auth, and IIS4 on same machine.

Every time I added a virtual directory in IIS4 I got this error. So, (After
staying up all night) I uninstalled all of MTS and IIS4 and Option pack 4,
trying to fix this. The other problem that led to this was I cannot get my
..asp pages to working on my IIS4, so I looked and found that IIS uses MTS to
add the application to the IIS In-Process Applications package
( SO, after
uninstalling and reinstalling it did not fix it.

Now, I uninstall again and delete all the dll's out of winnt/system32
directory that have to do with MTS (found at one of which guessed it xolehlp.dll. I then reinstall and I now longer have the
problem, but Emrald auth and Radius NT no longer work.

Well, now I am really frustrated and bumfuzzled. I try to reinstall
EmeraldAuth, it starts reinstalling and I get a file in use error on
xolehlp.dll. I go into services and stop serv-u and radiusNT, retry, still
in use. Start stopping services one by one until I get to MTS and now it
overwrites and installs.

Serv-U works, Radius NT works, BUT my error is back again and I am where I
started. Any suggestions on how to fix this besides moving RadiusNT and
Serv-U to a different machine that does not have IIS 4 and MTS?

Scottie Arnett
Info-Ed, Inc.

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Scottie Arnett wrote:
> Mr. Dale Reed,
> Can you tell me if the software installed with EmeraldAuth uses a file
> called xolehlp.dll? If so, does MS Transaction server also use this same
> file?

Yes, Emerald and EmerAuth install that file. I don't know whether
MSTS uses that file or not.


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