RE: [Emerald] Cisco AS5300 Prep

Duane Schaub ( (no email) )
Thu, 11 May 2000 21:35:50 -0500

Interesting Cisco "Features"

1. Unless you have VERY new IOS 12.0.5 or newer, they do not support named
filters... ie
for email only users.

2. You cannot define static IP's for dialup users in a local table like you
can with PM's and T/C's.

3. We had TERRIBLE interoperability problems with ours, so keep your T/C's
for a few days. BTW: our lines are Chan. T-1's... I don't know how PRI's
work on them, and we use SWBell and the CT-1's are not that great anyway.

4. I am still having some problems assigning static IP's via radius. The
same user logs in fine on BayNetwork 8000, BayNetworks 5000, Versanet 2000
and 2001, and PM3's, but Cisco just doesn't think they need to be the same.
Ussually, user is disconnected, but sometimes they get in and cannot go
anywhere, on occasion the work fine. I have no idea... but they do not like
getting a netmask= I am still trying to figure this one
out, let me know if you get it.

5. If you have the 192 port jobs, they have great port density and generate
less heat than 4 older 48port NAS's.


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Hwo much you wanna sell the USR's for?

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OK, boys and girls. I've got a brand new fully-loaded AS5300 chassis I'm
getting ready to put in place to (finally) get rid of our USR TC chassis.
Any comments, warnings, or suggestions for me as I get ready to set this box
up in our Emerald/RadiusNT(3) setup?


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