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Wed, 10 May 2000 15:08:39 -0500

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> What I do is rename the calls table (to prevent someone from
> inserting a record while you do this), and then use Enterprise
> manager to change the key on the calls table. For 7.0, you select
> design on the calls table, ctrl-click the following columns:
> AcctSessionID
> NASIdentifier
> NASPort
> Username
> AcctStatusType
> The key is to make suer AcctSessionID is the FIRST column in
> the key to get best performance. NAS Port is optional (although
> it can help) and never put CallDate in the key.
> Then save the changes and rename the table back.

Well, we are running 6.5
I can go to the Enterprise Manager, the drill down to the tables in the
emerald database...
Change the Calls table name...
Then "manage" the table....
In the advanced options, everything is greyed out...
I am logged on as sa....

Now what do I do?


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