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Scottie Arnett ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 May 2000 13:41:08 -0500

Thanks for the reply Dale,

On question 1:
On can login with the usersname and do everything in Emerald and it
connects, stores, etc... in the Emerald database. But....I can't print any
reports or invoices. Is this still where the problem lies?


Scottie Arnett wrote:
> I have 3 or 4 questions concerning Emerald 2.5.331.
> 1. I cannot get any reports or invoices to print. I have not been able to
> since I installed the software 2 months ago. So, this is a first time
> problem, that has not been caused by an upgrade or anything. I get the
> error: StartprintJob in PrintCustom caused an error: Cannot open SQL.
> I tried opening the SQL Executive and gave the user Full rights to
> everything in the database. I have them with full rights in the Emerald
> Administrator. What am I doing wrong? Can you give me a step by step
> instructions on how to resolve this issue?

Most likely this is an issue with your Emerald ODBC DSN. Make sure
its pointing at your SQL Server and that the username/password you
are using to login to Emerald works with that DSN. Typically this
is an issue like use trusted connection is checked in the DSN, and
you don't have a trusted connection to your SQL Server (ie, it
should be normal, not trusted).

> 2. In my time-on, the reason for terminating is not showing. I have a new
> MAX ascend 6048. v7...IOS

Ascend reports disconnect using Ascend-Disconnect-Reason, not the RFC
standard Acct-Terminate-Cause. You can rename ADR to ATC, to allow it
to record, but the numbers will not be translated in Emerald.

> 3. How do I delete invoices?

You can't. You just void them.

> 4. Connect info in the On-Line screen is not showing anything?

This is the same as #2, but a different set of attributes, and
unfortunately the solution in #2 doesn't work (the attributes are
of different types0>


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