Re: [Emerald] SQL specs

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Sun, 30 Apr 2000 08:17:09 -0400

Back up your Emerald database, then open up ISQL/w using "sa" as the
username and open the "checkdb.sql" script from your Emerald directory and
execute it (takes a little while). See if that clears up your problems.

The Emerald.Calls table is what takes up most of the room in your database.
I have a scheduled task run every night that wipes out all START records and
NULL-username records that are older than 3 days. That keeps the table from
growing as quickly. Periodically, I wipe out a month's worth of the oldest
records in the Calls table as well. Even with 1 million records in my Calls
table, my db has never gone over 300something megs.


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> We currently have about 1600 MBRs. We've been adding about 12 users a
> for the past year and it looks like that trend will probably continue.
> Currently our SQL 6.5 is running on a Dell 1300 Dual P2/266 with 196M of
> RAM. SQL is kicking out all kinds of funky error in the Event Log (Error:
> 806, Severity: 21, State: 1 "Could not find virtual page for logical page
> 976158757 in database 'Emerald'") It does this about 4 or 5 times in a
> about every 20-30 seconds. Generally I have to reboot the server once a
> or so. Our RadiusNT in on a separate machine. We're going to be
> in SQL7 and a new server to run it on and I guess I want some opinions on
> what to get. Also what would be the best way to migrate Emerald to the
> server? Our EmerDev.dat file is about 716 megs in size. Does that sound
> right for the number of MBR's we have? We kind of blindly jumped into the
> Emerald deal and it was a quick and dirty install so I know we have like
> months of call history and such. Whenever I try to manually trim the
> records it errors out and I have to reboot the server.
> Any suggestions would be helpful at this point.
> Jason Roblyer
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