Re: [Emerald] Post.Office integration

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 29 Apr 2000 12:14:25 -0700

Bob's Lists wrote:
> If you find a way to do this, let me know. Emerald's 'integration' with Post.Office sucks big time. It will create the accounts for you, but will neither suspend them upon account expiry, nor delete them upon account deletion.
> I had some dialog with Dale about this over a year ago. IEA seem to want to use the postmaster 'forms' method of creating the accounts in Post.Office rather than the (much easier imho) utilities that come with post office. I am not a programmer, but I know enough to know it would be trivial to shell out to a command line and use's command line utilities to create, suspend or delete accounts - however IEA don't seem to be interested in further integrating Emerald with Post.Office, for whatever reason...

Last I heard, the utilities could not be ran on a remote machine, has
that changed? I'd like to see Post.Office offer a more robust API,
rather than a set of utilities you have to hack scripts and such
together for. Almost every other mail server on the market supports
either an External API or LDAP, for external user management.


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