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Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Mon, 24 Apr 2000 13:23:44 -0700

I haven't noticed that sendmail is consuming alot of resources. On the other
hand I recently switched to cucipop from qpopper because qpopper is a
resource hog. Plus, cucipop can use PAM-radius to authenticate users.

Sendmail can do pop-authentication-SMTP. Also, as on 8.10.x Sendmail does
it's only form of SMTP authentication.

What version of Unix do you run? Could I get a copy of your "SQL" scripts?

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We looked at Sendmail, and qmail, but sendmail consistently consumed all
resources for on our servers where qmail ran nicely.

We set up a protocol-specific proxy frontend (from, then two
qmail machines, and finally, one NFS server. Qmail is setup to NOT use
machine accounts and it uses maildirs instead of the standard mailbox files.
This allows multiple servers to post mail and POP mail to and from each user
simultaneously. The Bluetail front end prevents any down-time from being
apparent to our users and does not suffer from the missing machine syndrome
that plagues most round-robin dns schemes.

IMHO - the Bluetail stuff is the greatest this since sliced bread and works
on DNS, HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SMTP, IMAP, POP, etc and provides a load-balanced
and fault-tolerant front-end for the server farm. Since this works at the
protocol level, there are many ways to filter and modify the traffic going
through the server... including adding support for POP-authenticated-SMTP
which neither qmail nor sendmail support when running on separate machines.
Furthermore, the bluetail can be upgraded and maintained WHILE ONLINE.
Basically, we have eliminated ALL planned downtime and there are only a
couple of senarios in which we would be affected by unplanned downtime.

Anyway - We have sql scripts that run every 15 minutes to add and remove
users, plus we can use the forwards and aliases in Emerald... :-)

We are in the process of automating WWW and FrontPage support in a similar
manner. I still don't have a good DNS - Emerald solution though.


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Subject: [Emerald] Unix and Emerald


would anybody be able to help with a script to assist with managing
UNIX email accounts via emerald (Extern). I've looked at the emer_ux
scripts, but the're not exactly what I'm after.


Unix Systems Administrator

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