[Emerald] Emerald database question

Emerald ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 14:03:12 -0400

When a user dials in, radius checks the database and either gives the user
the standard rad attributes or if there are custom attributes it gives them
the custom ones.

Well I've got one account where it seems to think there are custom ones so
it doesn't give them the standard set, but there are no custom ones so it
doesn't give them those either and then we get an error "PPP has no radius

I delete and recreate the subaccount but that doesn't clear it. I add a "1"
to the end of the user login and that works, then I take the "1" off and it
gives the error again.

So I figure somewhere in our database is a bad entry that's not getting
deleted with the subaccount. Where in the database would something like this


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