[Announce] Radius Enterprise pre-release Beta

IEA Software, Inc. Beta Team ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 12:21:34 -0700

IEA Software, Inc. is soliciting beta testers for its pre-release of
Radius Enterprise, our Enterprise version RADIUS server. This beta kicks

off the next phase in our commitment to develop products specifically
designed for the high-end Service Provider and Enterprise markets.

Radius Enterprise includes new features such as:

LDAP Authentication - The ability to use an LDAP database as an
authentication source.

Token-based security support for RSA's Secure ID, Axent's Defender
card and Secure Computing's SAFEWORD

Proxy Fast-fail - The ability to track the state of all Proxy target
servers within each proxy realm. If a server does not respond to an
access request, the RADIUS server will place the target on the FAST-FAIL


External Authentication API.

TACACS/+ Authentication support (TACACS Client).

A Web-based Radius User Interface. (Web-based UI available for testing


Beta testers are required to test LDAP, token-based security (RSA,
Axent, SecureComputing) or TACACS and provide feedback in a timely
manner. IEA Software is committed to delivering Radius Enterprise in the

year 2000.

If you are interested in applying for our Beta Program, please check out

our application form at


The IEA Software Team