[Emerald] Re:Weird Radius Behavior

Tue, 11 Apr 2000 07:56:32 +0800

Hi, id like to know, if there is a more current version of radius nt (mine
is 3.0163)
The reason is that, my radiusnt is acting a bit flaky, and i dont know how
to resolve it.

My setup is emerald 3.331, on sql 7.0 with sp2 and olap. win 2000 os with
pentium iii 600 and 768 mb ram. I have two usr total control chassis.

Both TCs work fine when it comes to authenticating both local and roaming
users. However, heres the problem:

1. The older TC doesnt seem to update the records on the remote (ie the
other isp side) radius server when roaming users logged in. However, the
calls online are properly recorded both in the server ports and the calls

2. The newer TC updates the records on the remote side , but not on my own
radius server. A check on both server ports and calls tables does not show
any activity---even for local users defined in the emerald database!

I can not also use the radlogin to check the radius, as it always gives a
'bad=1" reply.

Can someone help?

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