Re: [Emerald] I mean Update querys.

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 06 Apr 2000 12:33:57 -0700

Ken Sorenson wrote:
> I was referring to this when I sent the message
> v2.5.325 - 1/11/00
> * Several parts of the Emerald Admin where not clearing the SQL connection,
> which could cause an overlapped results, depending on what path you took
> through the admin.
> * * Updated the Views to allow for adding/editing invoices for the Emerald
> Secure Group. You need to replace all of your v* views (see the commented
> out set of drop statements at the top of instview.sql) with those in the
> instview.sql script and then re-apply permissions (see instperm.sql for the
> permissions for the EmeraldSecure group).

This only applies if you are using Group security and:

1) you want the operator to be able to create a pro-rated invoice for
a service signup

2) you want the operator to be able to do billing for his group

Just uncomment the drops at the top of instview.sql, run it, and then
run instperm.sql.


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