Re: [Emerald] Emailing from Emerald

Randy Martin ( )
Wed, 05 Apr 2000 12:16:45 -0500

At 09:52 AM 4/5/2000 -0700, you wrote:
Randy Martin wrote:
> I configured an external system to use 1.0/2.0 sync.Since
> I don't use as my mail server, and all I want it to dois
> email notification, I didn't setup the postmaster name or password,or
> the form ID -- just the mail server name and the email account(I'm
> assuming that's what goes in the "accounts" field). I thensetup a
> test service that uses this external system for notification.

If you do not have ES Autosync enabled in the admin, you need to do
the "File...External Systems...Batch Out" menu option to sendthe


When I batched out the emails, I got an error that said there was no MXrecord for the domain "". That's the last three lettersof my domain name, Any idea where it got that domain namefrom?