[Emerald] odd links in payments table

Ben Conner ( ben@webworldinc.com )
Sun, 02 Apr 2000 22:00:13 -0700

Hi Dale,

With Emerald vsn 2.5.329, I'm seeing a lot of odd links in the payments
table back to the invoices table. For example, with the most recent
invoice run there are quite a few customers who have multiple previous
payments with the current invoiceid in the payments table. Some of these
match to payments made all the way back to 8/99 or earlier.

This looks real stupid on the invoice when it prints out. Thought it was a
problem with the .rpt file until I verified the data was being pulled
properly. What's odd is it isn't happening on all customers...only about
half. I've looked but can't find any common thread.

I thought about a quick fix where I place a where clause in the
invoicep.rpt file to only report payments made in the last 30 days--but
doing that voided the implied where clause on invoiceid and I got invoices
with -lots- of payments on them. :) Not exactly what I had in mind.

Any suggestions on a cosmetic fix so I can print invoices that I can send
out? Or any idea what could be causing this?


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