Re: [Emerald] Columns on the "Time On" tab

Randy Martin ( )
Sun, 02 Apr 2000 22:13:11 -0600

At 10:27 PM 4/2/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>From: Randy Martin <>
> > On the "Time On" tab on Services, what's supposed to be in the "Terminate"
> > and the "Connect" columns. There is never anything in these columns on my
> > system.
>The Terminate one displays the verbal disconnect cause that's associated
>with the integer values stored in Calls.AcctTerminateCause. If you're using
>Ascend Maxes, you won't see anything in there because Ascend uses
>AscendDisconnectCause and the integer values are completely different from
>the AcctTerminateCause values that come from many other NASes.
>See for the details on this one.
>Connect refers to Calls.ConnectInfo. Some NASes use this; some don't--it
>would contain connection speeds and maybe other stuff. Ascend doesn't use
>this one either. It has its own attributes:
> AscendDataRate (user upload speed)
> AscendXmitRate (user download speed)
> Ascend-Modem-PortNo
> Ascend-Modem-SlotNo

Is there any way to change the info that's stored in the calls.ConnectInfo
and the calls.AcctTerminateCause columns in the database, like maybe modify
a trigger or something so that these columns hold some information that is
meaningful to Ascend users?


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