[Emerald] EmerAuth won't work with IMail 6.02 if a host alias is entered

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Sat, 25 Mar 2000 00:37:53 +0800


I have configured IMail 6.02 and EmerAuth 3 to work properly for my domain

However, whenever I would enter a host alias for E-NET.PH ( be it
mail.e-net.ph or express-i.net via IMail's Admin GUI ), I can't authenticate
via POP3.

I checked the EmerAuth logfile and saw that the aliases are alternately
being used as a query criteria against the Emerald database. Since Emerald
only "knows" of E-NET.PH, an error occurs.

Is there a patch for this ?

When I set "Relay for local hosts" or "Relay For.." in IMail's SMTP Security
folder tab, I can't send email to user@express-i.net . I get a "not local
host express-i.net, not a gateway" error.

But when I choose "Relay for all", the email is accepted.

I hope somebody could help me with these issues.

- Danny Sinang

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