Re: [Emerald] multiple calls tables

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 23 Mar 2000 16:30:37 -0800

Josh Hillman wrote:
> Is it possible to have multiple Calls tables (preferably in separate
> databases) so that the info inserted into them is separated based on a
> particular radius attribute passed to it (such as attribute 4)?
> If this is possible I'd like to make it so there are two tables: one for
> one group of NASes and the other for another group. Having the (multiple?)
> Calls tables be separated from the Emerald database would make backups much
> more efficient since the Calls data wouldn't be included in the main backups
> (requiring MUCH less hard drive space, etc.)

You can already do the split database, and it helps a lot for
larger databases. You just need to:

1. copy your calls table to another database

2. Rename/Delete your old calls table.

3. Create a view in your original DB that is a:

Select * From EmeraldCalls..Calls

where EmeraldCalls is your new DB with the Calls table copy.

4. Add a trigger to the new calls table (from insttrig.sql) where the
references to tables are qualified with Emerald.. so that the trigger
works on the original table.

5. Double check permissions on the view, and make sure users exist in
EmeraldCalls DB as well (they don't have to have permissions to
in EmeraldCalls, but they have to exist in the database or the view

For the split, you could create a trigger on the calls table to split
into their own tables, but Emerald needs them in one table for summary
and billing.


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