[Emerald] Proxy Prefixing

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 18:24:30 -0800

Will (or does) Radius 3.0 support proxy prefixes as well as suffixes

For instance, a RaduisNT server gets a request to authenticate the user
ISP\user@domain.com. It recognizes the prefix of ISP as belonging to some
proxy server that is itself a pass-thru for some other proxy servers. The
first server (RasdiusNT 3.0) strips the prefix (ISP\), leaving only
user@domain.com. The second server gets the request and recognizes
domain.com as a domain (or perhaps many) that it can proxy a request to.
The third server authenticates by user name only, so the second server
strips the domain.com portion of the user name before sending it down the
line. Finally, the third server gets the request and authenticates the

David V. Brenner - dvb@cport.com
International Services Network Corporation

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