RE: [Emerald] Echo?

David V. Brenner ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Mar 2000 14:30:16 -0800

: It echos accounting requests. You should never enable this option (its
: one of those, if you don't know what it does, you don't need it). :)

It doesn't matter much anyway. The option doesn't stick. That is, when I
go back in, the checkbox is empty - even after saving.

But I do have a rather serious problem and that is what prompted me to ask
about the echo option.

I have two proxies set up; one for my local users who can't tell the
difference between their login and their e-mail and another for a company to
whom we sell ports. Both are set to strip the domain, yet my local users
consistently show up with the domain suffix (if they use it) in the calls
log and the proxied users show up with no domain suffix, making it
impossible for me to report on those users by domain. This used to work
before we upgraded to build .210. Unfortunately, the customer wasn't
getting any accounting packets. Frankly, proxy accounting hasn't worked
properly for me since build .124 and even then I would have preferred if
users proxied with "treat as local" and "strip domain" would have appeared
in the calls list with the domain stripped. It just seems like these
features are working the opposite of the way they should. Local "proxied"
users should be the ones appearing without domains, not true proxied users.

We bill this customer based on distinct logins, so this is a very important
issue. It will become even more critical next week when I add another proxy
server into the mix. As it stands now, I could probably run the SubAccounts
table against the Calls table to determine who's not a local customer.
However, once I add that third proxy element, no reporting in the world is
going to tell me who's who. I haven't any DNIS support, either. Proper
proxy accounting is the only way.

I understand that the real purpose of the "strip domain" feature is to
ensure a match against usernames that are stored without domains. However,
this also factors into accounting and I'd like to see it working as it did
in build .124.


David V. Brenner -
International Services Network Corporation

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