Re: Re: [Emerald] Authentication problem ( (no email) )
Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:42:33 +0300

Thanks for that. How do I force all users to authenticate using PAP ?

Gulam Chagani

At Mon, 20 Mar 2000 10:04:53 -0800, you wrote:
>"" wrote:
>> Any Idea why this is happening ? Any help will be much appreciated.
>You can't use CHAP with either NT SAM authentication or user password
>replacement. The user must authenticate PAP. Also, double check
>your secrets to make sure they match with RRAS and try a PAP auth.
>> Gulam Chagani.
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> >We have been using RRAS and NTSAM authentication so far. We just
>> >tried to switch over to RadiusNT / Emerald authentication.
>> >
>> >All the configuration (i.e. ports, shared secret, etc) seems to be
>> >OK, but no user can authenticate. The radlogs through Emerald show
>> >the username to be OK, but description = bad password and data =
>> >"CHAP". RadiusNT has been set to authenticate through WINNT SAM
>> >replace the password. All the PPP users have WINNT as their
>> >
>> >Radius attributes set for the PPP services are user service =
>> >user, framed protocol = PPP.
>> >
>> >Tests through radlogin are all successfull.
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