Re: [Emerald] ODBC Error 22001:8152

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sat, 04 Mar 2000 13:47:45 -0800

Eric wrote:
> We just upgraded to SQL7 and that went fine, but now when we run Radius our
> logfile fills up with and ODBC Error "String or Binary Data would be
> truncated." What does this mean and how do we fix it. I have looked through
> the mail archives and only found a few instances of this problem, but no
> fixes that worked. I have run the latest CheckDB.sql and run the update
> database in Emerald Admin, but still no fix. I did go in and change the
> size of "Domain" and "MailDomain" in the Emerald database to Vchar 35.
> Any help would be appreciated!

Run RadiusNT in -x15 debug mode, and capture the insert statement/error.
It should tell you what the problem is. If its accounting records, it
might be AcctSessionID or username (if you are doing proxy).


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