Re: [Emerald] CallerID

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:57:54 -0500

From: Malcolm Joosse <>
> Awhile back I asked how to enter into the call tables so I could see
> callerID numbers in the Online section in Emerald.
> I put in what Dale told me into the ISQL/w:
> ALTER TABLE calls ADD CallerID varchar (20) NULL
> And I got this error:
> Msg 2705, Level 16, State 2
> Column names in each table must be unique. Column name 'CallerID' in table
> 'calls' is specified more than once.
> I checked and found that it was in the calls table, I still do not see any
> CLID in Emerald/Online.
> I then found an attribute in Accounts/Radius "caller ID" so I added it to
> test account.
> I do not see the test user logged in EM/Online at all.
> Am I missing something here ?
> My SQL guy starts in 2 weeks and I need this sorted ASAP as we are getting
> repeated dialins from an unknown person and I am hoping to catch his

The CallerID column that you presently have might the wrong type. From
ISQL, type "sp_help calls" to find out what type it presently is. If it's
already set to varchar, then there's probably nothing wrong in the db. Test
it by typing the following in ISQL: "select distinct callerid from calls").
If the results show nothing more than "null", it sounds as if your NAS may
not be sending the info. If you have all sorts of numbers showing up, then
your db is fine, but your Online stored procedure might be out of date.
If the type is NOT presently varchar, you can probably change the type from
whatever it is to varchar via Enterprise Manager IF you are using SQL 7. If
you're using SQL 6.5, you'll have to rename CallerID to CallerIDOld (or
whatever), then add the new CallerID column to the table like you mentioned
before (or via Enterprise Manager).


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