Re: [Emerald] Deleting MBRs

Randy Martin ( )
Sun, 27 Feb 2000 23:23:56 -0600

At 10:07 PM 2/27/00 -0600, you wrote:
At 08:31 PM 02/27/2000 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm just starting out with Emerald. I had a few (three) MBRs in the
>database that needed to be deleted, so I found them and clicked theDELETE
>button. I got the usual "are you serious?" questions towhich I answered
>yes. The deletion appeared to be going fine until I got an SQL errorsaying
>that there was a problem deleting invoices from the invoicetable.
>Now, the MBRs are gone, but the invoices are still there!! How do Iget rid
>of the orphaned invoices? Also, shouldn't the deletion of the MBRjust take
>care of deleting the associated entries in the other tables? I don'tthink
>there should be an error trying to delete entries from the invoicetable
>that are associated with the MBR.
>Running SQL 7.0 SP1, Emerald 2.5.328, Emerald Admin 2.5.323

That's unusual with .328 (being it's the latest)... but notimpossible.

You're right in that the deletion will remove everything associatedwith
the MBR... At least that's how I understand it...

Perhaps Dale can shed some light on it in the AM.

Sorry I can't be of more help.


Actually, I found the problem. I thought I was running .328, but Iwasn't. I upgraded the Emerald client to .328, and started the program.The system showed one MBR, but when I clicked on the search button on the"Simple" tab, it found no MBRs. I thought this was verystrange, so I went to SQL and ran a query on the masteraccounts table.Sure enough, there was one MBR there! I noted the CustomerID, and went tothe MBR tab, entered the CustomerID and clicked search. Then it found oneMBR. I was then able to delete that MBR, and it deleted the associatedinvoices also.

I think what happened is that I originally had one account with twomembers. I deleted the main member using the old client, and it failed todelete the sub-account. I used the new client to find the MBR for theoriginal sub-account, and then the delete worked correctly.Strange??!!

Anyway, thanks for your help.



Randy Martin
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