[Emerald] RE: Cannot delete service - SQL Server Error: 208 Invalid Object name 'ServerPortAccess'

Castro, Jojie ( jcastro@extelcom.com )
Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:45:01 +0800


> Open up Emerald Administrator and go to the RadiusNT configuration. Click
> on the Server Port Access tab, and then select the service that you are
> trying to remove. Make sure that this service is removed from all of your
> servers (and their individual ports, if necessary).

Even after accessing the Server Port Access tab, I cannot remove the servers
and the ports. There is no delete option there, only a save option. Just
about the only way I could remove the servers is to delete them from the
system, and that is troublesome, since after you remove the services you'd
have to re-enter the servers all over again. Is there a better way?

> I would also recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of Emerald
> Manager. This can be downloaded from our ftp site at
> ftp://ftp.iea-software.com/Emerald/Updates/emerald_25_327.exe

There seems to be a whole lot of issues posted on the IEA Software mailing
list regarding this version. Anyway, we'll test it first.

Hoping for a quick response,


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