RE: [Emerald] PortMaster 2E netconns

Bernard Andrys ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 20:51:58 -0500

Yeah, all the pm's have that problem. Be sure to tell your staff not to
close the telnet program to end a session. Always type "exit" to close the
session cleanly. There is also an obscure command to up the number of
telnet sessions from 2 (default) to 10 (maximum). This will reduce the
problem. Unfortunately I can't remember the command that does this :(

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> Subject: [Emerald] PortMaster 2E netconns
> We're seeing problems with our PortMaster 2E terminal servers
> where, after a
> while, a telnet session cannot be established with them due to
> too many open
> network connections on the boxes themselves.
> Has anyone else seen this? We run both Emerald and MRTG, but
> MRTG has never
> been a problem in this regard. Has adding Emerald to the equation caused
> this problem? I am assuming it is an SNMP issue.
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