Re: [Emerald] IMail 6.0

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Mon, 14 Feb 2000 10:50:31 +0800

Hi Howard,

I installed EmerAuth on my IMail machine. And just to be sure, I rebooted

In IMail Admin, what path did you specify for the external database ?

What exactly is the hostname you specified in IMail admin ? And what domain
name did you specify in Emerald Admin ? If the hostname is and
the domain name in Emerald Admin is also , then send an email to . If the hostname is and the domain
in Emerald Admin is , then send an email to

Then try fetching the email of "someone" from your Imail server.

Did you also specify where EmerAuth should write its logfile ? The logfile
would show you much info you need to determine if Imail is indeed
authenticating users properly.

- Danny

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Thanks very much for these instructions, Danny! When I tell
IMail Admin to use EmerAuth.dll as the external database all the
records appear in the Administrator list under my domain. So I
know it sees the SQL Database. But when I go to look at an eMail
Client the list does not show up in the User-ID drop down list
box, and the phone rings with someone saying they can't get into
their eMail. So I switch it back to the NTDatabase selection.
The Emerald Admin links the Services to Imail as I've rechecked
your instructions step by step. I am using iMail 6.02! Your
note about a bug in EmerAuth concerning names is correct...It
only shows the last name in the first name box without a capital
first letter.

I'm running EmerAuth at the Emerald SQL server and iMail on
another server. I did not load EmerAuth Admin on the iMail
server...Should I have EmerAuth running on both machines maybe?
Any rebooting needed?

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> Yup, I do.
> Just follow the instructions in the EmerAuth docs.
> Then open IMail Admin and do the following :
> 1. Create a host named, for example, "" (without
> double-quotes) .
> 2. Click on ""
> 3. Click on the Configure button
> 4. Specify C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\EmerAuth.DLL as the path for your
> database DLL .
> 5. Don't mind whatever the value of the ODBC and Table fields
> 6. Click on Ok
> 7. Click on Apply
> 8. Close IMail Admin
> 9. Open Emerald Admin
> 10. Click on the "General" button
> 11. Add a new External System
> 12. In Ext. name, enter "IMail"
> 13. Choose Standard/Export
> 14. In the Description, enter "IMail"
> 15. Click on the Save buton
> 16. Take note what the number beside the new listed IMail
External System
> is.
> 17. Click on the "Domains" folder tab
> 18. In the "Internet" field, enter "" (without
> double-quotes)
> 19. Click on Save
> 20. Close the General window
> 21. Click on the "Accounting" button
> 22. Click on the "Services" folder tab
> 23. Click on the Email service
> 24. Select "IMail" from the External System pulldown menu
> 25. Click on Save
> 26. Close Emerald Admin
> 27. Open EA (or Emerald Auth) Admin
> 28. In the ESID field, enter the number that you took note of
in step #16
> 29. In the Logfile field, specify the logfile path and filename
> C:\Program Files\Emerald\EmerAuth.log)
> 30. In the DSN field, select Emerald
> 31. Enter the "sa" as Username
> 32. Enter the sa password in Password
> 33. Enter the sa password again in the Verify field
> 34. Click on File and then on Save
> 35. Open the Emerald client
> 36. Create a new MBR or open an existing MBP
> 37. Create a new Email service subaccount. Let's say the login
name of the
> account is "john"
> 38. Save the changes
> 39. Open IMail Admin
> 40. Expand the "" tree
> 41. Expand the "users" tree. You will see "john" as one of the
> 42. Send a test email to
> 43. Using any email client software, try to fetch john's email
to verify
> that an email was indeed sent to the
> That's about it.
> Notes :
> 1. Closing and then opening IMail admin would allow you to see
any account
> changes you make in Emerald.
> 2. There is a bug in EmerAuth. It concatenates the First and
Lastname and
> put it as the firstname in the user's IMail admin interface.
> Cheers,
> - Danny Sinang
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