[Emerald] Bugs in 2.5.327 Calls Online and more

Tony Morgan ( (no email) )
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 22:20:27 -0600

Emerald Version 2.5.327 running Radius NT Ver3, latest build, new
installation with concurrency control on. In Emerald, calls online I am
having major problems with multiple logins. I then telnet into my PM3s and
see that there is only one connection. In the rad log I see that Radius is
refusing the connection when the customer tries to dial back in after a
disconnect. The calls online will show that "joebob" has been connected for
15 minutes and again for 5 minutes. In the radlog I can see where he has had
failures all evening with the overlimit error. Please let me know if a fix
is available. I have disabled concurrent at this time hoping that it helps.
There are other bugs in this version but we have contacted support and were
told that a new build is on the way, but this one is affecting business.
Also we have a 24/7 support contract and asked for the pager number today
and apparently nobody had the ability to provide us with it.

Tony Morgan
Cyberlink Internet Access

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