Re: [Emerald] Bad Authenticator

Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Tue, 8 Feb 2000 18:21:44 -0500

Yup! Removing "Require Secret" got rid of the bad authenticator
flag but it didn't correct the Acct: 0/0/0, so still no login
times. Shouldn't the first 0 change to a number when a time is
recorded (sent from the NAS to Sql database) If I recall the last
we did this I had to reboot the Computone. I'll try again later
when there are not so many people online.

> > "Howard A. Brooks" wrote:
> >
> > As follow-up to my earlier note, the RadiusNT is .209 and my
NAS is a
> > Computone PowerRack. Thanks for any help anyone can offer on
how to
> > stop -x15 from indicating "Bad Authenticator" and not
> > logging times. I know Dale we've been here, but now we are
> > printing!!! :-)
> Bad Authenticator means the secret is wrong. If its
accounting, you can
> uncheck the "require secret" option is the RadiusNT admin.
> you hace to restart RadiusNT is you change the secrets in the
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