RE: [Emerald] Almost live - but a few oddities to iron out :-

Bob's Lists ( (no email) )
Mon, 7 Feb 2000 22:29:07 +0300

> > 1. In Emerald, RAD LOGS always show up blank - i.e. showing no
> caller info,
> > for ANY day. Everything else seems to work - TS Graph, Online...
> Run RadiusNT in -x15 debug mode and use radlogin to produce a failed
> login.
> Does it write to the Radlogs table? What error does it get?

No it's weird. I've looked further into this, it seems a couple of weeks ago
it simply stopped writing to the radlogs table ??!
Dunno what I did then, maybe that was when I replaced the 206 executable
with 209...

Here's the output from an error :-

radrecv: Request from host 7f000001 code=1, id=102, length=56
NAS-Identifier =
NAS-Port = 0
User-Name = "test"
Password = "pQ\247\001\234\3726\250\371Subi9\226\221"

SQL Statement: Select DateDiff(Minute, GetDate(), DateAdd(Da
..OverDue+1), maExpireDate)), DateDiff(Minute, GetDate(), Date
on+1, saExpireDate)), sa.AccountID, sa.AccountType, sa.Passwo
ell, sa.LoginLimit, ma.Balance, ma.OverLimit From MasterAccou
sa Where sa.Login='test' AND ma.CustomerID=sa.CustomerID a

Not Found in ODBC, Checking users file...
rad_auth(): check_item: PW_EXPIRATION
Checking user record PW_PASSWORD type
chkPwd->strvalue is pass
decrypted pwd is jkadhfkjs
Sending Reject of id 102 to 7f000001 (localhost)
Resp Time: 300 Auth: 98/11 -> 60 Acct: 102/0/0 -> 102

That's it - no entry in radlogs! Wtf?!!



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