Re: [Emerald] URGENT: Billing Oddities

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Sun, 06 Feb 2000 23:25:20 -0800 wrote:
> These are the steps I took:
> 1. login several times using a test account user1
> 2. in the emerald/accounts/user1 window, when I update the time on, I can
> see the system correctly logs the calls.
> 3. I go to the emerald admin window, database maintenance, and run the
> updtcall.sql. It says that there are "no calls to update"
> 4. i then go back to the emerald window and select /batch/invoice (auto is
> selected) and click on 'summary'. At this point, i get the message, "no
> consolidation needed".
> 5. i then click on 'create' in the batch/invoice window, and it responds
> with "no invoice to process".
> in all cases, i am logged in as SA which is the highest level of security i
> can get.
> the test user (user1) is charged on a plan based on usage. No use, no pay.
> In this case, the user has used the system, but is not being charged for it.
> Where am i going wrong here??

Because Emerald can't bill for usage until the user's cycle is
complete. Ie,
if their BilledThru date is 2/10/00, then Emerald can't bill the
1/10/00-2/10/00 cycle until after 2/10/00.


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