[Emerald] Problems with billing 2 periods?

Ben Conner ( ben@webworldinc.com )
Wed, 02 Feb 2000 19:19:08 -0800


Has anyone encountered a problem billing this month who has monthly and
quarterly clients?

I just ran billing and it billed those who are due Feb 1st as well as those
due Mar 1st(!). Much as I'd like to send these out, I think I'd tick off
just a few folks. :)

This hasn't happened before, so I'm at a loss to explain it since we
haven't made any configuration changes at all. The vsn of Emerald we ran
them on was 2.5.278 (I think). It is possible I may have generated them
under 2.5.294.

It seems more than a coincidence that this month is one of the key tests
for Y2K compliancy...

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