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Malcolm Joosse ( (no email) )
Thu, 3 Feb 2000 08:20:47 +1100

I am having 2 problems with VOP and Emerald.
1) Listed in you FAQ you say to go into EmerAuth under Emerald Admin, I do
not have a tab called EmerAuth !!, What tab is it under and can you give me
a step by step in setting it up ? please
2)I also want to know if using Emerald and VOPMail together is the best way.
We have most users with 1 dial up account but they will have about 5 - 30
mailboxes, will this be ok ?
We run EM/RNT in SQL6.5.
Thank you


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Malcolm Joosse wrote:
> Dale,
> I found the below article from you on how to setup VOPMail and Emerald.
> Do you have anymore detailed FAQ on this intergration ?
> I have downloaded EmeraldAuth 3, will this work with 2.5.288 RadiusNT ?
> thank you
> Malcolm

VOPMail and Mailsite do NOT use EmerAuth. They connect directly to the
DB and use stored procs that are included with Emerald. What problems
Are you having? The below is pretty detailed in the steps to set it

> I got VOPMail installed here and connected to Emerald. Everything
> seems to be working fine. Here is a list of things I did:
> In Emerald:
> 1) In the Emerald Admin, make sure you create an External System.
> Just use the EmerAuth type (or NTMail Auth DLL on the Older Admins).
> When you save the ES, note the ESID (number in parenthesis) after it.
> 2) Make sure the services to which will be associated to VOPMail have
> the external system you created in #1 selected for them. This is a
> key point, as Emerald only allows users that are configured for that
> External System to be seen by the External System.
> 3) Make sure you have a domain defined in the domains list for the
> domain you want. You should also have a group that is pointing to
> that domain.
> 4) Create a user, and make sure they are in the group you created,
> with a service type that is associated to VOPMail's External system.
> In VOPMail:
> 1) Create a domain, matching the internet domain portion of the
> domain you created in Emerald above.
> 2) For the database plugin, make sure you have "Emerald Database".
> 3) Click the configure button and make sure the Use NULL ESID (who
> came up with that option, as an ES always must have an ESID) is
> unchecked and enter the ESID you created above.
> 4) Make sure Auto-create mailboxes is checked for the domains you
> want.
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