[Emerald] SQL licenses error / Emerald missing Start and Stop records

Matt Nelson ( isplists@nccinternet.com )
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 11:10:36 -0600

I noticed in my logs last night that I am getting this event in the
application log:

"The product Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 is out of licenses. Use License
Manager from the Administrative Tools folder for more information on which
users are out of compliance and how many licenses should be purchased."

I appear to have been getting this error several times a day for several
months. (I have many other machines I administer, so I usually don't check
the logs unless something is amiss. I also get the same error for SQL 6.5,
but I am not even using 6.5. This is the NT server computer that I have
Emerald and SQL 7 on, and nothing else. I have 5 licenses. I have noticed
that Emerald has been doing a very poor job lately of missing calls going
on and off, thus having users who can either get on twice or not get on at
all. That's why I checked the logs in the first place.

Perhaps this is two separate problems, I don't know. Emerald has been
doing a great job up until the last few weeks, then it starting missing
stop and start records.

Any help is really appreciated.


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