Re: [Emerald] Roam ports problem

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Jan 2000 10:53:54 -0800 wrote:
> a couple of questions re Roam ports:
> Radius appears to use UDP (?) - this means (I guess) that there is no
> gaurentee that stop packets will register from a remote proxy to a
> local authencation server.

Thats not true. The RADIUS protocol has built in facilities to
handle a backoff/retry scenario, outside of UDP.

> 1) We currently have two users that have been listed in the calls
> online view for the last week - they are no-longer logged on to the
> remote POP but they are still listed - could this be because stop
> records have not been correctly registered from the proxy radius to
> the local RadiusNT? If so is there anything we can do about this?

One common problem is that there is a key on the calls table to
prevent duplicate entries. However, some terminal servers send
duplicate key information (ie, they re-use an acct-session-id that
was used last month), which causes a key violation, and the user
isn't added/removed from the list.

> 2) It appears that the "clear" button in the calls online view will
> not clear "roam" entries. Has anybody else had this problem?

That should be fixed in the next update. You can manually clear the
entries from the RadRoamPorts table, either using a query like:

Delete From RadRoamPorts Where Username = 'xxxxx'

or just clear them all with:

Truncate Table RadRoamPorts


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