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Nathan Haywood ( )
Wed, 26 Jan 2000 15:29:22 -0500

Is this fix something that will be showing up in a 2.5 build soon? It isn't
affecting us at the moment, but I'd like to have answer ready if the
question comes up (as I'm sure would many others on this list...)

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Subject: Re: [Emerald] TAX????????

PowerNet wrote:
> We are using Emerald 300/Emeradmin 288.
> We have taxable Unlimited and Metered Customers and our tax rate is 6%
> Emerald is calculating tax just fine for the Unlimited Customers.
> Our metered customers the tax is calculated correct on the base rate, but
on any overtime that is calculated, Emerald charges a flat $6 instead of
charging 6%
> We have just noticed the problems on 2 recent invoices. Not many
businesses on the metered plan have overtime.

Tax is not being handled correctly for overtime and toll charges.
Please contact our support group for a resolution to this.


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