[Emerald] Invoicing/Banner/Dale

Mon, 24 Jan 2000 17:57:42 -0500 (EST)

This is message is for Dale. Thanks for getting me started! I may have been a little unclear though. Firstly, let me say it is Banner s/w we are exporting to. However, the group needed is not employee/non. All ACTIVE MBRS w/ (Region=Service Terr.) and (Pay Method=Renewal) need to have their invoices(line items) exported into Banner. I am thinking the process might be something like: 1. Run a script changing all MBR's with these characteristics to (Send Bill=0 or "unchecked") or Send Method=None)so that these customers stop receiving Email Bills. 2. Add or simply activate? a field in Banner s/w with the Customer ID#. This would involve printing a report of the MBR's to be exported (again, region and pay method being the critical fields)so we would know which customers ID#'s would need to be entered into Banner. 3. Export the specific MBR's into Banner. When would this need to be done? The 1st?15th?etc? or when we send our monthly e-mail invoices? Right now we send out these ema!
ils around the 15th, but the Banner invoice used by the Electric Co. we are a part of may be sent on a diff. date. Would we have to synchronize exactly with them to make this work? These are the steps as I can figure it. You mention exporting the subsequent payments back into Emerald being challenging. This may not be an issue as we probably would hand key the payments and apply them ourselves. There are approx. 300 customers I'm guessing fitting the criteria needed... Anyway, thanks for your time and help. I need to make this happen here at our company or I will look very lousy :( Thanks again. Scott

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