Re: [Emerald] Free hours for the month

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 23:30:39 +0800

It so happens that I run my own ISP and all we have is RadiusNT. Thus, I was
forced to develop a web-based billing system that takes care of the issues I
posted below.

My system works by having a "bonus hours" and "bonus month" field for each
customer record. The "bonus hours" are added (at no charge) to the standard
hours for the given "bonus month".

However, my billing system has no payment tracking system yet. And since I
am now acting as a consultant for another company, I recommended they use
Emerald instead.

Here in the Philippines, ISP's do lots of promo's like giving away free
hours. I hope the Emerald developers could come up with a solution to this.

- Danny Sinang

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> Hello all,
> We charge customers depending on the number of hours they pre-pay for. For
> example, we have :
> 1. Plan 5 (5 hours per month)
> 2. Plan 10 (10 hours per month)
> 3. Plan 20
> 4. Plan 40
> Let's say we have a promo for the current month wherein we want to give
> 5 free hours to customers who sign up for this month.
> Again for example, if John Smith signs up for Plan 10 (10 hours per
> we give him 5 extra hours for this month at no extra charge. Thus, his
> hours for the month is 15 hours. But the following month, his standard
> should only be 10 hours.
> How do we pull this off in Emerald ?
> - Danny Sinang
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