Re: [Emerald] URGENT: Billing Oddities

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 23:00:32 -0800 wrote:
> As an added note the billing oddities thread. Can anyone help me out here?
> We tried testing the primary and overtime feature for billing. We selected
> both options and put in the rates corresponding to the charges we want. This
> account does not have a monthly charge. The test account is billed only for
> the time it uses.
> in our example:
> Name:Promo
> standard time :0 over interval 3600
> standard interval:3600 over charge 40
> standard charge: 40
> Primary
> start 8:00 regular charge 80
> stop 16:00 over charge 80
> The problem here is that on the next billing statement, the account is
> charged 0.00!
> the account is on a balance forward , monthly billing method.

Did you run a consolidation/pre-charge before doing the billing?
If you didn't, no usage charges were calculates. You might need
to do a manual calls update in the admin before the consolidation
will work as well.


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