RE: [Emerald] Client Permissions Revisited

David Routh ( )
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 18:23:54 -0600

At 03:49 PM 01/19/00 -0800, you wrote:
>: I've created an account in the EmeraldSecure SQL as well as a new operator
>: group called 'Remote Setup'. I have given this group the ability to read
>: and add MBRs and Services only. Despite these settings, users in
>: this group
>: can make modifications to both MBR fields and Service fields. How do I
>: prevent this?
>This is bizarre. I simply cannot get these permissions straight.
>With the user configured as above (plus read-only report and RadLog access),
>The Invoices and Batch buttons are grayed out as one would expect. However,
>I cannot view reports (even with ODBC set up as 'sa'!) and get the following
>error: 'StartPrintJob in PrintCustom caused an error: SQL server error' I
>don't understand this, especially since the user even has a SAM membership
>in the Emerald group for the central reports directory and share.
>Perhaops even more bizarre, if I change the SQL group (not the operator
>group where all the permissions are assigned) for the user, the Invoices and
>Batch buttons show up again and I can run the reports - albeit very slowly.
>Combine this with the fact that the user can modify services and MBRs
>independent of the intended permissions and I am totally stumped. Is it me
>or is the permissions mechanism in Emerald totally screwy?

I went through pretty much what you're describing... basically I found out
via the list... mostly Dale, that the views in Emerald are just that...
views... they just allow people to see what you have defined, it doesn't
stop them from doing things.

I ended up duplicating a group like the Emerald group (I think) and by
setting (restricting) permissions I was able to put some of our people in
that group that could only look at things and create Incidents...

I'll look to see if I still have the messages Dale posted about doing what
I did..


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