RE: [Emerald] email receipts

Ronnie Franklin ( (no email) )
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 18:05:35 -0600

You have to have Crystal Reports to modify any of the reports.. and really
anyone running Emerald should have CR as it is a great tool to create
reports about your customer base, usage, and anything else you can dream up
that can be created with the SQL information...

If the report is actually bad then maybe you could get someone at IEA to fix

FYI for all those that don't have CR... I ordered an upgrade to 7.0 a few
days ago and much to my surprise there are all kinds of software that
qualify as "upgradable"....

One of the software packages that qualify for upgrade is MICROSOFT INTERNET
INFORMATION SERVER 3.0... and I would think that 99.99999% of all ISPs that
use Emerald know that IIS 3.0 is FREE.. So, order the upgrade to Seagate
Crystal Reports Professional!!!!! and save some bucks!

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