RE: [Emerald] Radius GPF

Greg White ( )
Tue, 18 Jan 2000 09:15:42 -0800

We encounter the same problem when we try to run Radius 3 as a service. In
debug mode, it works fine. We did not see any such problems with version

Radius is running on NT Server 4 SP4 with all current hotfixes.

Thank you,

Greg White
ISP Network Administrator
Beaver Creek Cooperative Telephone Company

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>From: David V. Brenner []
>Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2000 2:23 AM
>Subject: [Emerald] Radius GPF
>A while back, I brought up the issue of Radius not re-establishing
>connections to the SQL server in the event the SQL server was
>etc. You had me update Radius to build 206. Unfortunately,
>this has not
>remedied the problem and Radius crashes when it loses the
>connection to the
>SQL server. I get the following error:
>Radius.exe - Application Error
>The instruction at "0x6a9816d6" referenced memory at "0x006300b1".
>The memory could not be "read".
>Click OK to terminate the application.
>I then have to clear the dialog (twice), log in (if necessary)
>and restart
>the service.
>Any ideas?
>David V. Brenner -
>International Services Network Corporation
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