Re: [Emerald] Invoices/Banner

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 17 Jan 2000 15:58:34 -0800 wrote:
> Our company would like our Emerald Renewal invoices to be included on our Electric Companys electric bill sent to customers..
> Any advice in regards to where to begin?
> Is this something that can be exported or would it be more of a manual procedure. Also, a small percentage of the renewal invoices could not included b/c they are out of the electric companys service territory so this will throw an extra kink in the project.

What I would do is create two groups, one for the electric company
employees, and one for non-electric company employees. That makes
it easy to figure out whos who.

The challenge, it defining in either emerald or your other software
a tag to associate one customer to the other (ie, you add a field in
your other software with the CustomerID of the MBR in Emerald that
its associated to). Then you can export the line items from Emerald
into your other software, and have them appear on the correct
customer's invoice. Payments back into Emerald is quite a bit
more challenging, though.


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