[Emerald] Clearing out old CALLS table

Jeff Woods ( jwoods@deltacomm.com )
Fri, 14 Jan 2000 12:59:50 -0500

Since consolidation keeps the aggregates for past months in the
CallsHistory table, and my Calls table has gotten so large that
Consolidation is a real bugger (270K records), I've decided to go beyond
simply removing the AcctStatusType = 1 records as I normally do, to
removing the type 2 records for all but needed records.

How far back can one go with that, without destroying consolidation's
creation of new and accurate charges? Say I have a customer that gets
billed quarterly for a 20 hour account, $1 per hour overages.... Do I need
to keep at least 90 days of calls records in order to ensure he gets billed
for overages? What if I have a YEARLY account - a year's worth?! Or can
I kill off all but the last month or two, with the records / charges
accurate up to the last consolidation of a few days ago, even if that
customer hasn't been billed for two months?

In the meantime, I've pared it down to the last FOUR months, and removed
all records for some of my worst "unlimited" callers -- the ones that are
on and off hundreds of times a day (log on, check mail, log off, rinse,
repeat, which is still better than being a line hog, but does load up my
Calls table), since there will never be any billing Charges for these calls.

Can I do better?

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