[Emerald] Questions about Emerald..

Billy Huddleston ( (no email) )
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:10:40 -0500

Currently we're using emerald for authentication and processing the invoices
and credit cards to some degree.. I run a report once a week that tells me
what invoices are outstanding (that were just batched) then run the credit
card batch.. we then batch all the credit cards out and back in.. and then
we double post everything into a secondary accounting package to keep track
of accounts.. Obviously this is alot of extra work.. We're doing this
because we don't trust emerald yet on the billing and tracking side of
things.. What version would handle the following without any problems.
(We're current using 2.5.278)
Were using a combination of Renewal and Balance forward.. Since we're double
posting.. Emerald operates in Renewal, and the accountant handles the books
with a Balance forward system..

Stuff were using emerald for now..
Creating Invoices for Renewals (Not printing or emailing them)
Posting of Payments Received (Double Posting in another accounting package)

Stuff we want to do..
Call Consolidation
Printing and Emailing Invoices

So basicly, what we wanna do is use the full features of emerald.. Just not
sure which version is working right with all of those... Also, anyone have a
report that will give a report for the invoices of this month, and break
them down by service giving totals and payments received?

Thanks, Billy

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