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PowerNet ( (no email) )
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 13:20:06 -0500

I am a little confused on running multiple ftp programs.
Do I then need to make changes to DNS?
If I have a customer that has a www hosted on the same server and I want=
them to be able to use the MS Frontpage publish feature, how do I set that=
up and how does it work?

Also, you are saying that to eliminate having serveral empty folders you do=
not have emerald set up a directory for every user. How? I just went=
through that with IEA not too long ago and it supposedly will create a dir=
for every new user.

I am really confused.

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On 1/5/00, at 12:20 PM, Josh Hillman wrote:

>From: PowerNet <>
>>We just started using Serv-U authenticating against the Emerald database.
>>We are running IIS4 Web Server and used to run FTP as well.
>>I am having some users complaining about being able to upload their=
>Most have www addresses and some have disk quotas other than what Emerald
>has set for default.
>>I need to know:
>>1. how to change disk quotas for specific users?
>Emerald 2.5.322 (and maybe .320) now display the directory limits ("Size
>Limit") in each service, measured in kB. In other words, if the user=
>have 10 megs, enter in 10240, for 5 megs enter 5120. I see a bunch of=
>ones in our system, but I think that's because there's no "Directory"=
>for those people. We only set them up if requested--that way we don't=
>thousands of empty directories all over the place.
>If you want to see what all of your active quotas are presently set for
>(along with some other info), run the following script (note that the=
>is shown in MB rather than kB):
>select Login, HomeDir, HomeDirLimit=3Dhomedirlimit/1024
>from subaccounts sa, masteraccounts ma
>where ma.customerid=3Dsa.customerid
>and homedir !=3D ''
>and login !=3D null
>select shell, homedir, homedirlimit=3Dhomedirlimit/1024
>from subaccounts sa, masteraccounts ma
>where ma.customerid=3Dsa.customerid
>and homedir !=3D ''
>and shell !=3D null
>order by homedir
>>2. how to set up specific emerald users, to be able to access multiple
>directories with the same user name and password?
>To my knowledge, there's no way of doing this. I guess the thinking would
>be, "ok, you're logged in; how am I (the FTP server) supposed to know=
>directory to put you in if you have multiple options?". If you make those
>various directories subdirectories of something else (called "parent" for
>example), you could direct the user to that directory and from there, they
>could access the subdirectories. We have one customer that does something
>like this. The instructor wants to be able to get into all of the=
>directories, but each student should only have access to his/her=
>So, it's set up like this:
> teacher --> \\server\users\parentdirectoryname
> student --> \\server\users\studentdirectoryname
>On the web, each student's directory would be referenced as
> http://users.servername/parentdirectoryname/studentdirectoryname
>whereas most of our users (excluding domains) would be referenced like
> \\server\users\username (http://users.servername/username)
>>3. How will serv-u affect MS Frontpage Extensions and directory
>There's no relationship between them. FrontPage Extensions use HTTP to
>interact with the site for modifications. By allowing FTP access into one
>of these areas, you're simply offering the customer an alternative way of
>making changes in case they don't feel like using FrontPage to do it at=
>Serv-U FTP works fine in conjunction with IIS4 FTP, so long as each=
>doesn't have conflicting IPs/ports. We have 3 (1 anonymous and 2=
>IIS FTP services running on our webserver along with Serv-U (for all of=
>users). Each service has specific IPs assigned to them so that they don't
>interfere with eachother. I wrote up some info on this:
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