Re: [Emerald] SCRIPT HELP!

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Tue, 4 Jan 2000 09:47:38 -0500

From: PowerNet <>
>I am looking for a simple script that will tell me which users have been on
for more than XXX amount of hours in the past XX number of days.

Here's a generalized one that we sometimes use. It's split into
analog/digital connections and also specifies the month if the timeframe
spans more than the current month. The example below is for the last 30
days and is geared toward Ascend Max NASes (the lines specifiying NASPort to
determine whether the call was on a digital port or analog). Remove the
comments in the lines with "bytes" and you'll also get the
uploaded/downloaded byte counts in total for the users.


Print 'Digital'
Select Username, Month=DateName(Month, CallDate),
Hours=Sum(convert (real, AcctSessionTime))/3600,
/* "Bytes Downloaded"=Sum(AcctOutputOctets),
"Bytes Uploaded"=Sum(AcctInputOctets), */