Re: [Emerald] Resetting all accounts to $0.00?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 00:22:28 -0800

David Edwards wrote:
> I want to zero out all of my Emerald accounting come January 1, 2000. Is
> there an easy way to dump all of the invoices/charges and start everyone
> with a clean slate? That includes zeroing out any existing charges and
> moving everything to renewal accounting. I figure the first of the year
> would be a good time to clean out all the screw-ups in the last 2 years and
> get everything back in order.
> Any suggestions?

Heres one I used a while back. PLEASE be careful with this. I added
the last command for you. Moving to renewal would need to update the
BillingCycleID. You'd have to find which BC you want the users
under, and change that as well.

Update InvoiceItems
Set PaymentID = NULL

Update Charges
Set ItemID = NULL

Delete From CallHistory

Delete From InvoiceItems

Delete From Charges

Delete From ExternalTrans

Delete From Invoices

Delete From Payments

Update MasterAccounts
Set Balance = 0


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