[Emerald] Serv-U FTP with IIS4 FTP

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 10 Dec 1999 14:19:26 -0500

On 12/3/99, Kenneth Gustav Eitenmiller Jr. asked whether or not Serv-U FTP
and IIS4 FTP could reside on the same server. There were many responses to
this, but had differing answers.

Serv-U FTP can run on the same server as IIS4 (with or without FTP services
in use). Assuming you're leaving all FTP services on the default port of
21, the key thing is to make sure that Serv-U FTP is configured to listen on
IP addresses that are not already in use by FTP services associated with

We have a server with about 200 IPs bound to it that is running IIS4. There
happen to be 3 or 4 FTP services (each bound to a different IP) running via
IIS4 on that server. Serv-U FTP is also installed on that server and is
running just fine because I have it bound to a specific IP that is not
already in use (on port 21) by IIS4.

Specifying a specific IP address in...

Serv-U FTP:
Launch the Serv-U FTP server and open up the window for it.
Click on "Setup", "then FTP Server".
Click on "IP Homes".
Type in an IP address and click Add.
Check the box that says "Server listens on home IP addresses only".
Click OK.
Click OK.
Close and restart Serv-U.
Now it will listen only on the specified IP address(es) instead of all of
the ones bound to that server.

IIS 4.0:
Open up the "Internet Service Manager" (IIS4 via the Microsoft Management
Find the FTP profile you need to modify; right-click on it and choose
Change the IP address to specify an individual IP.


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